About Michael Marlowe of Columbus, Ohio

A diversely experienced business development professional, Michael Marlowe serves as managing partner of the Columbus, OH-based M. Marlowe Consulting. In 2014, he began his work at the firm by leading a research project for the City of Columbus, which was looking to incorporate a new innovation district. During this engagement, Michael Marlowe analyzed the market demand for such a division and helped develop a plan that complemented the existing capabilities of the city.

He has since worked with a wide array of business executives, using his exclusive purchasing model to help them minimize costs and boost capital. Under his guidance, the firm also offers professional assistance to those in Columbus, OH, who seek help with contract and data tracking. Mr. Marlowe began his career with a position as a certified financial manager at Merrill Lynch and garnered subsequent experience at Morgan Stanley and MJS Holdings (now known as Bluemile).

Outside of work, he supports organizations such as Junior Achievement of Central Ohio. A member of the board and the Hall of Fame committee, he has supported the professional growth of youth by facilitating a lesson on entrepreneurship at a local school.

On November 29, 2016, he will attend Junior Achievement’s largest event, the Central Ohio Business Hall of Fame, which will add two new laureates to its prestigious ranks of professionals. The event's theme will be “Honoring the leaders of today, who inspire the leaders of tomorrow.” For more information about the event, including biographies of the laureates, visit www.juniorachievement.org.